About us

       We are located in Lithuania in a small village called Budele village, district of Marijampole. We have 5 hectares of land and we are surrounded by its beauty. Our Bernese mountain dogs have a lot of freedom and a lot of contacts with us. We also have American Akita named Dzera which lives alongside with BMD. She has an amazing personality and is extremely friendly because she's been growing with Berners.

       We are breeding Bernese mountain dogs since the year of 2008. We are trying our best to breed great berners both anatomically and with perfect movements. It is very important for us to breed dogs with good personalities, that's why the dogs we bred have stabilised and nice personalities.

       Dogs which we bred are living in Lithuania, USA, Canada, India, Russia and Latvia. They are also champions in those countries, few Berners are working as.

       Few berners are actually doing kanitherapy, one has rescue certificate.

       We are very glad about achievements of our dogs and we are trying to find loving owner to each one of them.

       And these amazing dogs saying thanks to us in the way of being affectionate and loyals. Our Bernese mountain dogs are the members of our family.

Contacts: Aušra Sakienė, +37067634132, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it